• Somerset Wild Flowers - A Guide to their Identification
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Somerset Wild Flowers - A Guide to their Identification

It may seem that with so many of our surroundings dominated by man-made structures there are few places left where wild things can grow. However, wild plants can be found everywhere – and in the varied and attractive landscape of Somerset as much as anywhere.

This book is for those who have a general interest in plants, want to know a bit more about them and want to be able to name them. As children we learned what daisies, dandelions, bluebells and foxgloves all looked like because we had seen them or illustrations of them, and learnt their names from teachers or parents. What this book aims to do is to return to the simple, basic way of identifying plants by seeing what they look like.

The photographs – what you see – are the key guides: the expert text is there to tell the reader exactly what to look for in the photographs without getting involved in botanical terminology. Many people when walking or gardening will come across plants that arouse their curiosity. This book will help them name those plants. With more than 2000 photographs, virtually every wild plant that can be found growing in Somerset is illustrated and described.

This comprehensive and profusely illustrated book will be an essential companion to anyone with an interest in wild flowers, in the British countryside and in the county of Somerset in particular.



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